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21 and up to Drink and Carry a Credit Card, 18 and up to Fight in the Army

New laws will go into effect soon on how students get credit cards.  Now they must be 21 instead of 18 and in college. While we think that the passing of this new law will help some it will not teach real world money guidance to others. Carrying around cash all the time is not really the best way to teach someone how to budget things.  Maybe they should have made the age 19 or 20.  I feel that 21 is extreme.  Students will still be able to obtain prepaid cards with less benefits and more fees.

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If anyone would like to help get the progressive word out there and would like to help with this site please contact me at blogforpolitics[AT] just replace the [AT] with [@]. We are looking for bloggers and people who want to make a difference not just hope. Sitting around throwing things will not help change the ways of today's political landscape.

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