Top Grocery/Health Food Store Award: Whole Foods

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Whole Foods Market vs. Albertsons (and all other traditional grocery stores)

Traditional grocery stores have noticed their stock prices go down lately because the new King Kong of Grocery stores will be health oriented and organic markets. People will be more concerned with living longer and looking better by eating more quality food and thus "living real" than getting cheap high fructose corn syrup type foods at older grocery chains.

I tell you I just can’t get over the QUALITY of food that you can get from Whole Foods Market versus a regular grocery store like Albertsons.  I went into Albertsons and bought some bread and it said Whole Wheat bread but when I got it home I noticed it had high fructose corn syrup in damn bread.  What the heck!!  You can’t find bread in Whole Foods with high fructose corn syrup in it the closest thing you will find is natural sugar or honey.  Also bought cantaloupe fruit bowl at Albertsons that was all dried up and could hardly gag it down... went into Whole Foods today and their cantaloupe that was in a fruit bowl was so delicious and juicy and the same price basically that just blew my mind - it tasted like they just cut open the cantaloupes.  By the way if it doesn’t say Whole in the first words on the ingredients before Wheat then its not WHOLE WHEAT BREAD - I noticed most the breads are marked Enriched Wheat or something besides Whole at Albertsons!

Well enough about that but I will say Whole Foods has been an amazing stock and an amazing company.  They are now the biggest US Company to get into wind power. Although I do not know if I like wind power all that much it looks so tacky and is noisy - I wished they could have invested in solar energy instead!

Although, Any renewable energy source like Whole Foods Market is using beats the heck out of non-renewable coal, gas, oil and nuclear. All those have massive side effects. This whole planet has been surviving on solar energy since the beginning. Wind power is very smart. I wish the coastal cities would find a way to tap into wave energy. Waves pound against the shores every few seconds. That is a major untapped energy source. Solar is getting cheaper and cheaper. But it is about residual income. How can these behemoth companies make money if we don't need to come back every week and month for more of their hard to dig heavily processed products?

The Bottom line is that Whole Foods Market is far ahead of most US Companies.  They recently hit the top 20 of the Fortune Top places to work and continue to give back to the environment and most of all are helping Americans live longer, healthier lives with the carefully selected Whole Foods they provide.  It is an added incentive to shop there morally that they choose to buy credits for Wind Energy.

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How Morally Righteous are your food purchases?  Shopping at Whole Foods can help you buy meats from un-caged animals and ingredients without all the chemicals you find in traditional grocery stores. 

Will you ever loose weight buying foods from traditional grocery stores? Most likely Whole foods is the place to shop if you want best of both worlds. Diets are on most of our minds lately and you would be better off dieting from the natural and organic selections from Whole Foods Market, HEB Central Market, or Wild Oats than you would at Safeway or Albertsons.







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