Mug Shots Removal is Big Business

RobertWiggenMugShotWho would have thought we would live in a day where we could have extortion and online blackmail so rampant as it is with businesses ruining peoples lives? It is happening, Folks. What happens is someone is arrested from a warrant (even when turning themselves in) or any other arrest and it is posted on the county or city jail sites which is public information. The photos are normally just up for a limited time such as 24 hours so the family or friends may bail them out of jail but the information may still be there. Bots come along and scrape these jail sites and then post the photo and all the information then put up links and heavily SEO (Search engine optimization) words and URL’s to include their names even including a fake newsstory to make it more real for Google and search engines. You might think this is a great thing because it makes “criminals” pay for what they did and will teach them a lesson. Just wait until it happens to you and you may also know that it happens without being found guilty. These are basically innocent people because they have not been to court yet and not even had a chance to enter a plea in most cases. Just because you are arrested does not mean guilt.

It almost reminds me of the book “Scarlet Letter” where the lady had to wear an adultery letter on her in public and be bullied and hated among the community. You have got to wonder how many suicides have been contributed to these mugshot sites? Why aren’t these sites being sued or outlawed by our government or unindexed by Google, Yahoo, and Bing? (Continued)

Man Replaces His Villa Fence With An Aquarium

A successful businessman located in Cesme, Turkey has replaced the fence to his villa with an aquarium. How would you like a neighbor like this?

Filled with a wide variety of marine creatures from the nearby Aegean Sea, this 50-meter-long tank is actually linked to the sea itself, which keeps the tank clean. The aquarium lover paid approximately $21,000 USD for divers to install this “aquarium fence”, and this unique fixture is now a popular tourist attraction. (Continued)

Rolling Stones Magazine Cover vs. the Bloody version

Today the internet is going crazy over the Rolling Stones magazine cover this month with Dzhokhar Tsarnaev. It only got more crazy when a Massachusetts State Police officer has released never-before-seen photos of Boston bombing suspect which show him bloodied and bruised as sniper teams take aim at his head. It was posted on and took down the entire site with all of the traffic. Right now all you see is a server error. I am sure their hosting company did not like this too much as all the rest of the sites have been “terrorized”.

Sgt. Sean Murphy is a photographer with the state police released the photos because he was furious with Rolling Stone for running the now-infamous cover photo of Tsarnaev that many say glamorizes the Boston bombing suspect. He told the magazine that he wanted to counter the message he says Rolling Stone conveys. Although Rolling Stones calls him a “Monster” on the cover maybe he thought they misunderstood him for a “Little Monster” aka the Lady Gaga fans. Joking aside it all seems blown out of proportion to me.

7-Eleven you know the convenience store known for their high fructose corn syrup Slurpee’s full of nothing but sugar, chemicals, and food coloring has stepping up to the plate as a father figure saying they will ban the magazine. Rolling Stones magazine that is… isn’t 7-11 owned by Chavez or something? Anyway… it seems now that the Zimmerman trial is over we need something else to defriend people on Facebook over and now it is whether the Boston Bombing Suspect (well not exactly a suspect) should be unwillingly on the cover of Rolling Stones magazine. (Continued)

Be Careful with Bad Tattoo Shops and Infections

Be Cautious where you get your ink done. Do some research on it first! The Majority of Tattoo shops are very clean and use excellent Sterile technique. Keep in mind it doesn’t take much to get infection set in.

Could a Triple Murder Case have stopped the Boston Tradegy?

I really wonder why this murder was not solved sooner or shall I say solved at all. It had something huge written all over it. The murder of three people who were mostly fighers/boxers and athletic young men sleighed then marijuana smothered all over their bodies with $5,000 in cash laying around. The media did some reporting on it but still no way to get someone arrested out of this? Where is the DNA testing that they do on murder scenes? I am not a watcher of CSI but I would think this has serial killer or mass murder written all over it and if this would have been solved sooner we may not have ever seen this tragedy in Boston from last week. The Bombing Suspects best friend had his throat slit in this mysterious murder in 2011 of Brendan Mess.

Fox News Gets Southern States Wrong Again

Maybe it is because they are panicked yet again about the school shootings and stabbings or using the same person for the graphics.
Four out of seven states were correct, the three others not so good. Ok, so maybe Fox News earned a “D”. The sad thing is that some of the people who posted on the Facebook post from a local Meteorologist could not figure out what was wrong with the map pictured. It seems Fox News must have confused the world so much that we may not know what is right, real, or wrong. See where Faux News got the map wrong the first time…

Dirty Oil Spill Water in Arkansas

This is only around 100 miles from where the spill occurred in Arkansas. This is the dirty and disgusting water in Tuckerman, Arkansas today. Please share this with your lists. This needs to be taken care of. If there is one thing people deserve out of their local governments, its CLEAN WATER.

RuckPack Energy vs. 5 Hour Energy Shots

Watching the ABC hit show “Shark Tank” the other night it made me want this energy drink a marine promoted on the show. Not only is it supposed to be an energy drink but it seems to help marine families out when you make a purchase. Although the claim back in 2011, when the new shot company was featured in various conventions they claimed to give around 10% back to military families but maybe that was due to the ownership of the product by some in the military. We were impressed by the presentation by the marine who came on the “Shark Tank” show and then ran over to the RuckPack website to see how this product really compared to that of 5 Hour Energy which has been all over the headlines lately due to recent related deaths when taking the product. At least there are Federal investigations and hundreds of reporters trying to hold 5 Hour Energy responsible for deaths but we will see what holds true and if the product was really mixed with other things such as alcohol or prescription drugs or alone causing a fatality.

Rob Dyer indicated on the “Shark Tank” that RuckPack would be healthier than 5 Hour Energy so we thought we would compare some of the ingredients. He seems to base the product being healthier on it containing no caffeine though. I am not so sure that Caffeine is really the problem. The problem may be the fake sugars or sugar alternatives and other ingredients used. Coca-Cola, Tea, and Coffee all have Caffeine and you have never heard anyone dying from that. Then again you never hear of anyone dying directly from eating candy bars. The mixture of all of these ingredients along with alcohol and too much of it all may lead to brain toxicity though. I have also read that mixing it with prescription drugs such as Ritalin, Adrenal, or the street drugs Meth also could be harmful.

Gas Prices have went up since Barack Hussein Obama took office?

If you do not really have a memory that goes past 4 years or if you are just maybe not out of elementary school yet I can maybe understand you not remembering that gas prices were ABOVE what they are today back when George Bush was president. The conservatives and tea party bloggers have been posting how high the gas prices have been since Barack Hussein Obama took office. And you know they always have to say Hussein as part of the name because it makes him sound Muslim but then again so does misspelling Obama into Osama. I am sure they would not want us to remember that President Obama helped take out our #1 enemy Osama Bin Laden either. Well just in case your memory really is that bad yes look it up on GasBuddy and other sites the historical prices of retail gas. You will find that they are NOT higher than they were over four years ago.

Fox News not sure of where Southern Viewers appear on the map

In a story breaking on their official blog the Fox Insider they had a story listed “Breaking: University of Texas in Austin Orders Evacuation Due to Threats on Campus.” The article showed that Fox News can’t even get the states labeled correctly. If they can’t get basic geography down, do you expect me to believe their presentation of other news? Take a look at their map. Arkansas is labeled as Missouri, and Mississippi/Alabama are labeled wrong.