What Do Republicans Really Want?

What will make you happy in politics? who is your perfect candidate? Are you one of the fox viewers that think planned parenthood only does abortions?? I just am trying to understand they keep following down the path of the part of society that has not progressed. Putting Jesus into things when Jesus is the best part of Christianity he would not do anything these jerks talk about. Jesus would be on the cross again if he were alive today by Rush or Rick etc.

Obama is not killing America. Yes that is a dumb statement if you ask me. Do you see bombs going off outside or the stock market dropping? Nope it just hit a record high for the first time since 2008.. Obama is hitting home runs right now with Osama dead and the stock market. US has Apple and the best companies. What do you have so much hate about? Yes its fine to bitch about things but the things they are bitching about are their own greed and hate issues if you ask me.

my view of republicans.. short..
Guns (x)
Hate (x)
Murder people who don’t like guns (x)
Murder people who don’t like hate (x)
No Privacy for people who aren’t republicans
Privacy for Republicans
Drugs for Republicans (prescription drugs)
Bullies (x)
No new technology unless its a new way to drill oil (x)
No Solar (x)
No Wind (x)
No new highways (x)
No weather service (x)
No fucking schools (x)
Hate Ix)
Negativity (x)
Fear (x)
Fear (x)
War (x)
Force Christianity on Americans (x)
War based economy (x)
Who needs Apple or technology (x)
Cancer ..what cancer (x)
Planned Parenthood only does abortions they should be closed down (x)

Glen Beck lookalike?

This shooting in Arizona is certainly nothing to joke around about but when you have two crazed people who look so much alike from their facial expression you have to think wow.. We were sent this pic of Glen Beck and how much his expressions go with the guy who tried to assisinate the Rep. Gabrielle Giffords (D) last week. Jared Loughner is only 22 years old but he sure does have the crazy Glen Beck look on his face.

Celebrities have been tweeting about this horrible tragic shooting spree this week including Jane Fonda who is blaming Sarah Palin Partially because of all of her re-load and how she put out that website with targets aimed at Reps in certain areas such as Arizona. I watched Glen Beck’s show on Fox earlier tonight and was shocked he was trying to make this guy sound more like a total nut job instead of a right-wing nut. He then listed off things that made the guy “nutty” such as he did not believe we did not goto the moon and that the US government was involved in the 911 attack. This kind of made it sound like Glen was trying to persuade his viewers to “think” he hated George Bush and that he was a left nut.

Tea Party Candidate Summary

Who are these Tea party people we keep hearing so much about? Here is a quick breakdown:

There is a movement in the United States right now that may change the face of the political landscape for generations. An offshoot of the Republican Party, the Tea Party has managed to gain notoriety thanks in large part to their knocking off moderate and establishment Republicans in Primaries and setting themselves up for national election wins or at least competition. Some Tea Partiers have little shot of actually winning a seat but the fact that they were able to represent a party that wants very little to do with them shows the kind of power they are developing. Other Tea Partiers have a legitimate shot at going to Washington and attempting to evoke their own brand of politics on the Nation’s Capital.

Joe Miller – Miller is one Tea Partier who seems like a shoo-in to win one of the United States Senate seats representing Alaska. A virtual unknown, having little political experience before the Republican Primary he managed to unseat long time Republican incumbent Lisa Murkowski in a race that was too close to calls even days after the polls had closed.

Miller claims to be a strict Constitutionalist and deeply fiscally conservative. He says that Americans are not allowed to live beyond their means and that the federal government should cut spending in order to cut the deficit.

Christine O’Donnell — O’Donnell, who has long been a strong advocate for conservative religious beliefs as a political pundit also came out of nowhere to take the Republican nod for Vice President Joe Biden’s vacated Senate Seat. Republican Congressman Mike Castle was the GOP’s choice for the seat and after holding double digit leads as late as a week before the primary he was toppled. O’Donnell’s primary win briefly formed a schism within the Republican Party with luminaries like Karl Rove saying she had no chance of winning the general.

Despite being a Tea Party darling, it appears that Rove was right as O’Donnell has recently showed up more than 20 points behind the Democratic candidate for the seat, Mike Coons. This is actually a seat that was predicted to be a Republican blowout if Castle had won the primary and many Democrats have been celebrating since O’Donnell’s win.

“Dan Maes” – Maes is running for Governor of Colorado and like Miller and O’Donnell was not the favorite to win the GOP nomination before his victory. Unfortunately for Maes the success seems to have gone to his head. Claims that Denver is engaging in a socialist plot with the United Nations, and then even more bizarre claims that he used to work for the Kansas Police department as an undercover agent (Kansas Law Enforcement has said they have no knowledge of him working with them) have made the Tea Party step away from the candidate. This is another spot that was a Republican shoo-in before the Tea Partier won the nomination and will now almost assuredly go to the Democrats.

Mike Lee – Lee, like Miller appears headed to Washington. The Utah Republican Senate nominee knocked off incumbent Bob Bennett in the primaries and will most likely get the nod in the general election in the conservative state. Lee is a former clerk to Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito and says that he is staunchly fiscally conservative. Lee actually had to beat out another Tea Partier to get his party’s nomination.

New Political Blog for Conservative Issues

First of all, this is a blog for Progressive politics but in a way that we seek progression through less government but without cutting out government regulation such as the FDA.  The FCC that might be another story since its really done nothing but let XM and Sirius merge and that ended up bad for consumers. This blog is your Keith Olbermann and Rachel Maddow listeners who are open minded and want to know about Bush Gate, see Palin make a fool out of hersef, among other things.  We love to see change and see Hillary and Obama take back the country from 8 years of economical fallout including the devastating loss of lives and money in Iraq.

While I have mostly turned into a Libertarian because they share more values with me than the Democratic party there is just no way to vote big L each time. I found that mostly judges have more a chance of winning as libertarians than bigger political offices.  I am for less gvmt, less taxes, and a more fair tax system.  I want more privacy without all these post-911 “terrorist” privacy invasions.  That means less freedom for all Americans.

Then you have bloggers who tend to be on the side of the religious right who are just hardcore do not care what anything but what they think they have been told to do by the higher power.  These untaxed churches or organizations who will rather spend money on things such as Proposition 8 than give money to the homeless or help raped girls are what you call the religious right.

What do the true Conservatives have to say on issues?
Although I did happen to see this blog that spoke of some better, more traditional values here in America coming from a Republican or Conservative who is scared of where the nation is headed.  He looks in his brokerage account everyday and feel its Obama coming in office that is making things go the wrong direction.  He has strong opinions on Gold, Oil, and Politics… and you may want to add Sports into the mix of the blog over at goldoilpolitics.com.  If you are worried about paying higher taxes under an Obama administration or if you are worried that unions are the problem with GM and Ford then turn over to the blog and POST your comments.

If you find a political blog that gets peoples bloods flowing or is a blog with some good facts cited let us know.  We love to find newsworthy, funny, and resource blogs for politics and money online.  Nothing wrong with 5 or 6 more blogs in our RSS Reader.

Texas Republicans Lie about Taxes!

Here it is Tax season and the biggest deadline of the year for some is April 15th.  You get home from driving down the toll road to pull in your drive way of a home that was heavily property-taxed to death.  The last thing you would expect is a new sneaky business tax from the state of Texas.
The only thing that Republicans are good for is “no new taxes” or “reducing taxes”. What most people do not know is that they are all lies coming from the same crop of nasty politicians. They are darn-right lying to us hard working business owners.

Texas used to care about small business owners and offered some of the lower tax rates. There are no state income taxes but if you own a business you are subject to employment taxes among the new Texas Franchise Tax or Texas Margin Tax which will effect around 1 million businesses.

We already pay thousands in property taxes. Texas is one of the worst in the nation for property taxes. I pay for Plano and Collin county property taxes at a total of $8k or so a year. A retired person with no income could certainly not afford that outrageous tax.
Do I really need to pay more to the state of Texas? Am I paying for the Republican legislatures to goto lunch and Church or what exactly am I paying for? I know most the roads near me are all TOLL Roads. It certainly is not going to rebuild I-35 to Austin which needs major help! I know its not going to the schools because I we already pay for every kid in town to goto school through the property taxes. So where is this money going??
Who is eating our lunch in Texas?

Gov. Rick Perry is responsible for signing this expanded Business Tax Law into legislation. He is one of the people who went around bragging how he would not raise taxes during his election.

Are you Texans still going to vote Republican in November knowing that you have been lied to about higher taxes? Think about it.

Liberal Fascism

Glen Beck interviewed Jonah Goldberg who is a contributing editor for National Review and author of ‘Liberal Fascism’ earlier tonight.  Glen Beck was basically promoting Goldberg’s book talking about how liberals call conservatives fascists but yet they are actually fascists themselves.  It’s like name-calling of name-calling.

The best part is that if you sign up for Glen’s email list you get to hear more of Goldberg’s conservative mutterings.  That would really make all of my dreams come true.

The New York Times did a good review of the book if you want to read it or you can go out and buy the book to torture yourself further.  You could also read National Review for free for the extra waterboarding effect.

I just laughed when they compared Hitler’s being a Vegetarian to liberals who are vegan or eat only vegetables.  That statement right there made me loose their credibility.  Sometimes you can tell just in an interview what a dumb-headed label-pin-headed individual these neo-cons really are.

Ron Paul on Glen Beck

Ok, I just got through watching the segments on Youtube of the Glen Beck show featuring an hour with Dr. Ron Paul. I saw that some other blogs were stating Glen Beck was running some “Paul is Dead” at the bottom of the screen but I am still not sure what they are talking about because I did not notice it but then again I was more in tune to the interview itself than the “headline news” at the bottom.

Wow, this was a great interview I thought for an hour with Glen Beck. I feel that it was a fair and balanced interview for the most part. I am not even a big fan of Glen Beck because he seems very bipolar and Rush Limbaugh to me so it pains me to watch his show. Just like many of the shows including Nancy Grace on CNN they have gotten ridiculous to even waste time with its either celebrities on Anderson Cooper and Larry King or the rantings of Glen and Lou Dobbs. I prefer Keith Olbermann and most of the news on MSNBC until it comes time for the non-stop prison shows after “Live with Dan Abrams.”

I thought Ron Paul answered the questions superiorly and did an amazing job. Even on the 9-11 conspiracy questions that were thrown at him I thought he did a great job. I just cant say enough how this hour interview was so great you should watch it yourself!

His message was pretty simple – bring our troops home, quit wasting money in other countries, quit wasting tax money in general, and restore our constitution!
Fox & Friends Interview with Ron Paul

Now here is an interview that was NOT fair and balanced. These pinheads over at Faux News must have the biggest egos of all time. Yes, even bigger than Glen Beck and George Bush himself.

They are jealous because Ron Paul raised $6 million dollars in one day breaking records that the other republicans they are backing could not make. They asked Representative Paul to answer questions with ONE WORD ANSWERS in which was hugely unfair. Do they ask Guilini and Huckabee (Hickabee) to do the same?

I agree with Ron Paul that Governor Mike Huckabee’s commercial was sending a message that the other candidates were not “Christians.” Judging from what we have seen from Huckabee we know hes just running on his Baptist background and trying to mix religion and politics. When you strip the poor man of everything else there is nothing left to help our country out.

I can’t get enough of Ron Paul. I wish him luck and hope he beats out the neo-conservatives and restores something respectable within the GOP.

Ron Paul Saving The Republican Party?

I think Ron Paul could be the answer the Republican party needs.  He is one person that is not going around in bathrooms, touching kids in weird ways, or being corrupt which is what the last few years of the word Republican has meant.  Republicans, in the last few years, have also been known to be big government and big spenders and big liars.

What makes Ron Paul different is the fact that he is a true Republican instead of one of these Neo-Conservatives who are up there to spread their hate and rhetoric all over the world.  Ron Paul stands for less government, less taxes, and all the things a true Republican should stand for.

This makes sense to me.  More money in the United States instead of blasting money to the Iraqi government and endless war of Neanderthals (we know all they do over there is fight, fight, fight so let them do it without us in the country).

Ron Paul has the backing of today’s youth and could change the youth into future republicans based on the hope that they will all someday have his aspirations.

If the race was between Dennis Kucinich and Ron Paul I am not sure who I would vote for.  They are both great guys and could be incredible leaders of the free world.  I will vote for Hillary  if one of them do not make the ballot.

I look forward to a new republican party that is not ran by the “tax free” church groups and the extreme religious right.

Mary Fallin Brings More “Family Values” to Republican Party

While everyone is up in arms over the Mark Foley Scandal you hear nothing about Mary Fallin of Oklahoma City. When Mary Fallin admitted that she kissed and had inappropriate contact with the state employee there was silence on the part of partisans and on the part of the media (including local KFOR, KWTV, KOCO). Where is Linda Cavanaugh when you need her? Mary Fallin denied they had actual intercourse, but admitted to “making out.” while she was married.

The Oklahoma State Trooper lost his job, resigning after the scandal erupted. Republicans were incensed when Bill met Monica and demanded impeachment. Where was their no outrage for Mary Fallin? It was obviously missing since they elected her to a higher position. Perhaps the lack of outrage is centered around some sort of double standard, after all she’s “just a woman and he was a willing participant”, according to one republican source. Mary Fallin and Mark Foley are two peas in a pod if you ask me. This republican hypocrite claims she is a republican (well thats for sure), a Christian, and an American. She is also a Fornicator.

It is too bad Lt. Governor Mary Fallin will probably win the office since she has a democrat running against her that nobody has ever heard of and that doesn’t even have money for commercials. They are going to have a debate this week so hopefully the Democrat will get some air time if the local media will allow.

Play Trick Or Treat At The Foley Household

With Halloween just around the corner this is a fun game we found on the Huffington Post.  We first heard about it on CNBC’s The Big Idea with Donny Deutsch. Here is the Sen. Foley Spoof Video:


Republican Senators Foley Spoof